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The word from Vincent GUADAGNINO, Attorney partner

With Themis, I wanted to protect and advise Basque entrepreneurs on the possibilities offered by business law. For many years, we have been able to build the future of their companies together on solid foundations.

I hope that we will meet soon to discuss together the perspectives available to you.

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Introduction to Themis law firm

The THEMIS attorneys firm was created by Vincent GUADAGNINO in October 2005 on the basis of his Basque country business clientele.

The team has brown over the years and now counts five members, with complementary backgrounds and fields of expertise, which enables it to provide to its French and foreign (and in particular Spanish) clientele, the most exhaustive legal assistance possible at all stages of company life.

Today, due to its location on the Basque coast, near Spain, the firm’s clientele is made up primarily of contractors from all sectors (tradesmen, artisans, independent professionals and professionals in the service sectors) and more particularly of real estate developers and agents, hotel operators, restaurant operators and other service companies in the tourist sectors, various industrialists and artisans, manufacturers and sales agents…
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La loi n° 2022-1158 portant mesures d’urgence pour la protection du pouvoir d’achat du 16 août 2022, publié au JO le 18 août 2022 a plafonné la variation annuelle de l’indice des loyers commerciaux (ILC...

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La révision des loyers commerciaux

L’article 4 de la loi n°2022-1598 du 21 décembre 2022 avait institué une présomption de démission en cas d’abandon de poste par le salarié (article L.1237-1 du Code du travail).

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La transmission de l'entreprise : comment l'anticiper fiscalement...

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Petit-déjeuner fiscal Chefs d'entreprise